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Why choose liposuction?
In spite following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, some people still develop areas where body fat tends to accumulate. Sometimes genetic factors play a role. By removing excess fat from problem areas with liposuction, you can reshape your body, getting the slim lines and ideal proportions that you desire. Many people find that it enhances their self image and their confidence level.
Men can often benefit from liposuction, and not just due to the esthetic effects. Removal of excess fat can also help lower the risks of diabetes, lessen certain factors in cardiac risks, reduce hypertension, and assist with hypercholesterolemia.

Places of liposuction

LipoLaser works by irradiating fat cells, creating pores in the cell wall that allow stored water, triglycerides, and free fatty acids to spill out. The fat cells are not removed, but the draining process is said to help them shrink significantly.

The laser operates at a low level of energy, strong enough to create pores in fat cells, but gentle enough that no bruising, bleeding, or blood vessel damage occurs.

You lie in a comfortable position wearing a shirt and a towel or skirt. A technician attaches 2 small laser probes to your inner thighs near your groin to target lymph nodes that help the body digest and eliminate fat. Two larger, multi-laser paddles are attached to your target area using an adhesive belt. The paddles are shifted regularly at 10-minute intervals to provide full coverage. You should feel no more than a slight warming sensation.